Virtual Plein Air Class Demos

1. Another class demo, from a photo I took in Paris last year. This one was just using a couple basic brushes. With a quick mood study like this, when it comes to form and perspective I’m trying to be broadly accurate without needing to be precise. Details and consistent angling matters a lot, but exact rendering of any particular element can be rough and still communicate well if the lighting and color choices are convincing. I started with a quick line sketch (been doing more of that lately) but looks like I lost the layer at some point.

2. A class demo in my usual style for these MapCrunch studies, using my Flat+Angular brush pack. From a loc in eastern Latvia.

3. For my Workshop Academy class “trip” to the rainforest this year, I wanted to demo how I approach breaking down complex foliage scenes into patterns of shape and light… whether or not I’m using those fancy pattern brushes you might be familiar with. So I painted this using only a sort of toothy drybrush I made a bit ago. I wasn’t quite sure what would come of it but I’m glad I gave it a go!

4. A class demo using some more watercolor-ey brushes instead of my usual.